Towards a new stage in the history of Complementary Currencies

In a complex world where nation states have lost their sovereignty at the hands of global banks and transnational corporations and individuals seem to have lost their autonomy (defined as the effective capacity to choose their own life plan), WABA.network proposes an innovative and breakthrough solution. Standing on the shoulders of the countless experiences on complementary currencies as well as on the developments made by the sharing and the circular economy paradigms, we’ve come up with an alternative monetary system based on blockchain technology.

WABA.network is an innovative complete platform which can be used by communities to fully design their complementary economic systems as well as their governing structure. Features can easily be customized according to the needs and the organizational structure of each community. Since the common will can change as the community evolves, the governing structure is flexible enough to be continuously shaped by the members of the community, thereby ensuring that it is always at the service of the people. Blockchain technology is the backbone of WABA.network, which could benefit from from Blockchains capable of processing thousands of transactions at a very low cost, like EOS. Besides providing an infrastructure to make the setting up of a complementary monetary system practical, efficient and scalable, the WABA.network platform also seeks to create incentives to make communities, software developers and “complementary currency architects” join forces to develop much needed solutions that help communities achieve their goals.

In essence, based on the experience acquired by innumerable complementary currencies around the world, WABA.network offers a solution that empowers communities by giving them the chance to take full advantage of their capabilities as a whole in order to ensure that all individuals can choose and follow their own life plans.

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