A Few Rules

Now you are more familiar with the vices and virtues of ICOs, you are probably wondering if ICOs are still worth the risks they bear with them. The answer to that question is unfortunately not simple. It really depends on the project, but we’ll give you a few rules and questions to keep in mind when analyzing an ICO. These will help you stay away from scams and will also help you estimate the actual value of a project.

Here are 3 simple rules.
1. Do your research.
2. Be Skeptical
3. Own your decision.

Some questions to ask when evaluating a project.
1. Who are the team? Can you talk with them on a Zoom call? If not, why not?
2. Why are they raising the money?
3. What are their delivery milestones?
4. Why should you care about this idea?
5. What are they doing different to the other opportunities.
6. Which trusted community members or Block Producers are working with them. If not, why not?
7. Where is the business located? Check that it is real.
8. What references are they able to provide?
9. How long have the team been working together?
10. Can you meet them face to face at an upcoming event? If not, why not?
Taken from “Stop The Maddness”, EOS Dublin

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