Use Scatter and EOS Toolkit

How to create an EOS account?

There are various ways to create an EOS account, such as using cleos or using one of the available toolkits. For this guide we will use this toolkit. To create a new EOS account you need to use an existing EOS account. If you do not have an existing account you can use a tool which creates an account for you. *Use these tools at your own risk and always research if a tool can be trusted.*

First of all you have to download Scatter, a browser extension. You can get Scatter here. Follow the instructions on how to set up your Scatter account and login to your Scatter extension. After that go to the toolkit and connect your existing EOS account.

After you have connected your account you can go to ‘Create Account’ and fill in the blank spaces. You can use existing keypairs as the owner public key and active public key, or you can generate new keypairs in Scatters under the ‘Keypairs’ tab.

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