Unlocking your wallet

Simply having your wallet open doesn’t do much for you, you now need to UNLOCK the wallet.

$cleos --wallet-url http://wallet:5555 wallet unlock

#{You'll need to provide your password here}
password: Unlocked: default

Note how when I list the wallet now, there’s a * next to the name, indicating that it’s been unlocked.

$cleos --wallet-url http://wallet:5555 wallet list
  "default *"

Note that when you created your wallet using the “./cleos wallet create” in step 2 above, your wallet was left in an Open and Unlocked state. What tends to happen is things work as you’re following a tutorial, but things don’t work after a reboot. If you don’t understand this need to Open and then unlock the wallet before it can be used, you’ll be confused at some point.

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