Two Examples of Hard Forks— 举两个最典型的案例来辅助理解硬分叉:


Give two of the most typical cases to help understand hard forks:

案例一:2016年6月,以太坊项目The DAO被黑客攻击,损失了价值超过6000万美金的ETH,随后以太坊团队通过回滚的方式“追回”了被黑客盗取资产,但一部分社区成员认为此举有违区块链不可回滚、不可窜改的基本精神仍旧坚持维护旧链,自此分裂出——以太坊(ETH)和以太经典(ETC)两个独立的区块链项目,对应不同的共识理念;

Case 1: In June 2016, the ETA project The DAO was hacked and lost ETH worth more than 60 million US dollars. Then the Ethereum team “recovered” the hackers to steal assets through rollback, but some communities Members believe that this move violates the basic spirit of the blockchain that cannot be rolled back and cannot be tampered with. It still insists on maintaining the old chain and has since split–the two independent blockchain projects of Ethereum (ETH) and Ether Classic (ETC). Corresponding to different consensus concepts;



In addition, in addition to the original digital currency (ETC), the Ethereum holders can obtain a 1:1 number of forked coins (ETH).


案例二:2017年8月,为解决比特币交易拥堵、手续费奇高等问题,比特币核心开发团队bitcoincore提出“隔离见证 + 闪电网络”的扩容方案,但另一派则认为应该直接在链上扩容,支持大区块(将区块大小提升至8M),由于扩容方案理念不一致分裂为比特币(BTC,老大哥)以及比特币现金(BCH);

Case 2: In August 2017, Bitcoincore, the core development team of Bitcoin, proposed the expansion plan of “Separate Witness + Lightning Network” to solve the problem of bitcoin transaction congestion and high fees. However, another group believed that it should be directly expanded on the chain. Support large blocks (to increase the block size to 8M), due to the inconsistent expansion of the expansion plan concept into Bitcoin (BTC, Big Brother) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH);



Similarly, in addition to the original digital currency (BTC), Bitcoin holders can obtain a 1:1 number of forked coins (BCH).


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