Time has changed



Time has changed. The young Russian boy (only 19 years old by then) was not frustrated by the rejection of the proposal, but turned to develop a platform to realize his own ideas. And this platform is Ethereum.


以太坊与比特币最大的区别在于区块链上记录的信息。除了交易信息之外,V神提出在区块链中还可以记录智能合约(Smart contract),以实现更复杂的功能。(关于智能合约的理解,详见账号历史文章《有了智能合约,催朋友还钱再也不怕尴尬了》)

The biggest difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is the information recorded on the blockchain. In addition to trading information, Vitalik proposes to record smart contracts in the blockchain to achieve more complex functions. (For an understanding of smart contracts, see the account history article “With a smart contract, reminding friends to pay back the money is no longer awkard”)

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