The Visionary


The Visionary
EOS is the brainchild of Dan Larimer, a mature blockchain developer in the emerging market of alt-coins. While many second generation coins are the result of first-time blockchain developers, Larimer is unique in that EOS will be his third creation and most ambitious project to date. He hopes EOS will become the blockchain platform that allows the world to “decentralize everything”. He plans on doing this by creating a “software” that allows large online companies, or DAPPS to build and run on the EOS platform as smoothly and easily as they would any centralized software; this is a big task.

While blockchain technology has had some big wins (Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two “household names”), no one blockchain has been able to “crack the code” as of yet. There are problems. The technology is relatively new, and there are kinks – bugs to be worked out. Blockchains can be slow and congested; systems can go off-line and fall victim to virtual attacks. Not only can transactions be slow, but they can be EXPENSIVE:

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