The Current State of Crypto

Written by Katie Roman, EOS Go Contributor.
With his latest creation, Dan Larimer seeks to disrupt the world’s status quo by redistributing power and control
Jump onto any EOS chat online and the following phrases can be read:

“EOS to the MOON”
“EOS is the new ETHEREUM”
“EOS is going to change the world”

This kind of online cheerleading is fairly typical in the cryptocurrency world; every coin has its followers, and since most followers have invested time and money into the coin they follow, every coin has its die hard fans. Convinced that their coin will be the one that “changes it all”, they take to their computers to sing the the praises of the tech, the team, and the community. They breathlessly relay the latest news, rumors, price charts, progress, and encourage each other to HODL through the highs and lows of the market. In this regard, the relatively small but dedicated EOS community is rather typical; they love the coin and often talk about its tech, its team and its ability to change the world as we know it. What sets the EOS community apart from other blockchain projects is that they might actually be right.

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