The Community at Work

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The Community at Work

Thank you to Crypto Fairy for putting in the hard work to integrate EOS into the Ledger ecosystem. Thank you to Ledger for validating that work. Finally, thank you to Cypherglass for the bounty that funded the work.

Now that the Ledger hardware wallet has third-party support for EOS you can set up a brand new account or use your current EOS account with your Ledger hardware wallet. FairyWallet is open source and has been accepted by the Ledger team as safe to use with their device.

Here, we will walk through the exact steps to get your EOS main net account and Ledger set up for things like signing transactions, staking, monitoring airdrops, voting, and more.

NOTE: For existing accounts that wish to be secured with the Ledger/FairyWallet option, this requires changing your existing account’s Active permission using the public key generated within the FairyWallet. You will need to have a Scatter identity set up and linked to a web toolkit such as EOSToolKit by Genereos or a wallet that offers permission changes such as EOS-Voter Wallet by Greymass.

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