Testing the Wallet

  1. Go to http://jungle.cryptolions.io/#account
  2. Choose an account name (follow detailed instructions on account name)
  3. Enter the same Key for Owner and Active Public Keys (Obtained when importing the Hardware Wallet Key in Scatter [Step 3.A.7])
Creat Account on Jungle

4. Go to http://jungle.cryptolions.io/#faucet and enter your account name and click “send coins”

Enter your account name and click, “Send Coins”

5. In Scatter Desktop App, follow →under “Blockchains” → under “Accounts” →Import Accounts: jungle→ Click “Fetch Accounts” → Click Active Account(+)

Adding the Jungle Account

6. Under the Transfer tab (above “Blockchains”) , send 1.0000 EOS to Recipient: “test”
7. Click “down” on joystick to see more details about the transaction.
8. Sign your first transaction on the Hardware Wallet!

Sign? Y N

Congrats, you’ve made your first DIY EOS Hardware Wallet!

LiquidEOS-Scatter DIY Hardware Wallet allows you to securely store your EOS. Advantages of hardware wallets include immunity to computer viruses that steal from software wallets. Also, the private key information will never be exposed to the working system and will be kept safe within the hardware wallet.

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