STEP FOUR: Create A New Account On EOS Main Net

(Optional — Skip to STEP FIVE if using an existing EOS account)

Create your own unique 12 character account name and pay for the new account using PayPal in the FairyWallet application. This requires a fee due to the RAM needed to create and store your new account on the blockchain. This new accounts Active and Owner permission will be assigned to the same public and encrypted private key on the Ledger. The private EOS key string will never be visible since it will always be encrypted by the Ledger 24 word seed phrase.

NOTE: Account names must be 12 characters exactly and may only include letters a-z and numbers 1–5.

After completing payment you will be fully set up with a new EOS main net account and a local wallet tool to access any tokens you wish to send to this new account. If you are withdrawing your tokens from an exchange you only need to enter your new 12 character account name as the withdraw address. No memo is needed when sending tokens to your main net account. You can also view the account with EOS block explorers such as by searching for your account name. Once you deposit EOS tokens into this account you will be able to adjust your stake in CPU/Bandwidth, vote, transfer tokens, monitor airdrops, and purchase/sell RAM within the FairyWallet application. More features are expected in the future such as changing permissions.

If you are not importing an existing EOS account you are all set!

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