STEP FIVE: Changing Active Permission Part 2

  • Quit & Reopen the FairyWallet application
  • Connect Ledger to USB port on your computer
  • Unlock your Ledger device
  • Open the EOS app on your Ledger home screen
  • Enter the EOS New York API Endpoint Link (

You will now see your linked existing account automatically identified by the wallet. Click your account name and the FairyWallet will open and be ready to use normally.

Submitting transactions to the blockchain from this wallet will now require your physical approval by clicking the check mark on your Ledger hardware wallet before a transaction can be sent.

NOTE: Until there is Ledger signing support within other applications such as Scatter and Greymass, this accounts Active permission will only be able to sign transactions using the FairyWallet tool.

You’re all set! Congratulations on setting up your Ledger hardware wallet for EOS!

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