Protect your EOS

How to keep your EOS safe

Now you are also familiar with how you can use your EOS, you can look into making your account more secure. While this is not necessary, it is recommended if you share your EOS account with many people, hold large amounts of EOS or are concerned about the safety of your EOS.

Multisignature account

The first option to better secure your account, is to turn it into a multisignature account. This means that you can alter your account in a way that multiple keys are required to do certain account related actions, such as sending a transaction, changing ownership, voting, and much more.

You can also set different permissions, so you don’t have to use your active key to vote for example.

For a full guide on how to do this, read our guide on how to create your own multisignature account:


Another option to make your EOS account more secure, is to store your EOS on a Ledger device. While this is safe, it limits the usability of your EOS. If you still want to learn how to use your Ledger to store your EOS, read their official guide:

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