Proof of equity


Therefore, no matter a token or a cypher, it is actually a right, or a proof of equity.

而区块链的Token被广泛认识,则归功于以太坊智能合约及其订立的ERC-20标准(ERC-20,简单理解就是一个代币接口)。基于以太坊ERC-20这个标准,很多项目采取发行Token的形式来进行ICO(initial coin offerings,又译为“代币首次发行”),Token一词也因此就和币(coin)挂钩,被国内广泛译为“代币”。

Thanks to the Ethereum Smart Contract and its ERC-20 standard (ERC-20, a token interface), the blockchain’s Token is widely recognized. Based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, many projects use the form of Token to carry out ICO (initial coin offerings, also translated as “the first issue of tokens”), and the word Token is therefore linked to the coin.

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