Token Circulation


Therefore, the blockchain project party will issue tokens, the user will obtain the token by maintaining the blockchain network (mining), and then the token will become the real legal income through the secondary market (exchange, private transaction, etc.) (bitcoin is in such a circulation process, the token here means the digital currency).

In this way, a complete circulation system is formed, as shown in the following figure:

图上的文字:Blockchain Project A issue Token

Users maintain Network to get Token

Users sell the Token in Exchange to get money


Retail, capital, institutional market game, investment Token to gain benefits


The demand side buys Token to pay the Token for the A blockchain project


In this way, blockchain and digital currency can be described as brothers. Although the two brothers are different: blockchain is a technology, and digital currency is the earliest application of blockchain technology; but they are very harmonious: the two complement each other and are moving in their respective directions to achieve better development.

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