The Growing Blockchain Community

So, this brings us to EOS. Just like Larimer’s previous projects, EOS will utilize a DPOS system. Using the knowledge he has accrued from the past, he plans to make EOS the most advanced DPOS system in the world. EOS will have no transaction fees, waste no resources (energy, currency, and otherwise), and will be built around an online, representative democracy. EOS, as an open source software, will be spread far and wide. It could be the genesis of a new future, and, for many, a new way of life.

It is up to us, the early adopters of blockchain technology to decide what message to send to the rest of the world. Do we want to back outdated, inferior technologies just because we fear change? Do we want to exploit people just learning about blockchain so that we can make money at their expense? Or do we want to seize the opportunity that is before us, and throw our time and money into a system that enriches the most, hurts the least, and empowers the many?

Make no mistake, the choices we make now will shape the future and how blockchains are perceived; the revolution will live or die by where we decide to stake our resources today. So please consider backing a DPOS blockchain, and more specifically EOS. Let’s show the world who we are, what we stand for, and what EOS can be – ground zero for a worldwide, crypto-led movement.
About the Author:
Katie Roman is an amateur paddle boarder and Dan Larimer fan girl. She lives in Central Oregon with her husband, son, and their rabbit Chestnut.

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