Mounting the Operating System and Entering a Password

Part A: Mounting the Operating System

  1. Download and Extract image file
  2. Flash the img file to your MicroSD Card
  3. Delicately install the Flashed MicroSD Card into the Pi board and plug a Micro USB cable into USB slot on the Pi (left slot) on Raspberry Pi.
Install MicroSD Card into Hardware.

4. On PC, install Bonjour by installing Quicktime or iTunes

5. Install latest Scatter Desktop or follow the “running in development” section in

6. Using the joy stick and #6 button, choose a password on the Hardware Wallet and write down seed words. Click “down” to see see the second ‘button row’.

Please Note: The “Enter” button (“!”) and the “backspace” button (“<”) are in the second row of buttons.

Enter a password and click “down” on joystick for more characters
Click “down” on the joystick to enter the second ‘button row’ and see the “Enter” button (“!”) and the “backspace” button (“<”)
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