MonedaPAR’s mission

A call to action

MonedaPAR is an ecosystem that gives prosumers the opportunity to finance each other to acquire their products and services: both individuals and small companies can grow their businesses without having to resort to bank credit. Communities can thus sustain their commercial and economic activity even in contexts of lack of liquidity in legal tender currency, while also allowing to withhold wealth within the community, encouraging its growth.

The main goal is to benefit those who are hurt the most by the current state of finance—cooperatives, SMEs and informal workers—by giving them access to interest-free loans to acquire consumer goods and inputs for production. Businesses can increase their sales and workers are given the chance to offer the products of their labor in exchange for the goods and services of the community. Everyone can use PAR to put their products and capabilities at the disposal of the rest of the community. According to the information collected by promoters, potential utilization adds up to 10% of Argentina’s GDP, which is estimated to be the share of the cooperative sector in the overall economy.

As we have seen, the world economy is going through a period of financialization where most of us find ourselves subject to massive upheavals coming from the financial sphere and decisions are hardly ever made following social welfare criteria. It is up to us to get organized and try to get the best out of our creative capacity to develop these types of alternative monetary systems. MonedaPAR is an example of how such a complementary system could work. There are many more. Let us keep up the fight!

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