First Edition


At the end of 2013, Vitalik released the white paper of the first edition of Ethereum, and convened a group of developers who recognized the concept of Vitalik to start the project. In July of the following year, Ethereum opened a 42-day pre-sale of Ethereum for a total of more than 30,000 bitcoins. Next, passing the test, going online and to the exchange, and the value of the currency rising, the whole process is just as smooth.


但人生能有尽是如意事,给以太坊的重击还是在2016年6月到来了。当时以太坊知名项目The DAO被黑客攻击,损失了价值超过6000万美金的ETH。随后以太坊团队通过回滚的方式“追回”了被黑客盗取资产,但一部分社区成员认为此举有违区块链不可回滚、不可窜改的基本精神仍旧坚持维护旧链,自此分裂出——以太坊(ETH)和以太经典(Ethereum Classic,ETC)两个独立的区块链项目,对应不同的共识理念。

But life has ups and downs, a heavy blow to Ethereum came in June 2016. At that time, The DAO, a well-known project of Ethereum, was hacked and lost worth more than 60 million US dollars ETH.

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