Larimer states that EOS will solve all these problems and more; the system will be able to process thousands of transactions a second, it will have NO fees, and it will be “out of the box” ready – in other words, all the pertinent problems currently perplexing the blockchain world would be no more. This kind of talk shouldn’t come as a shock; the volatile alt-coin market rises and falls based on hype, and these kinds of claims are common place in the crypto world, but what sets EOS apart is that Larimer has already delivered on these promises twice before. The creator of not one, but two top 50 coins on coinmarketcap.com, his creations are among the fastest performing blockchains on the market. Bitshares, his original work, is a decentralized financial platform that in many ways, was ahead of its time. With Bitshares Larimer invented DPOS, or delegated proof-of-stake, a system that makes the energy intensive, and hard to break into mining model, obsolete. His next coding project turned into Steem, the backbone of Steemit, a social media site that pays its content creators directly. While other coin communities depend on a promise and a white paper, the EOS community has Larimer.

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