Create a new wallet quickly by yourself via ZEOS

Creating a new EOS account requires you to spend some EOS. You need to purchase a small amount of Ram to do this, around 450kb. RAM prices have been greatly fluctuating, but now seems to have stabilized. When we created a wallet, it cost us around 4 dollars, or 1/2 an eos in RAM.


But here’s the thing, how can you buy RAM with EOS if you don’t have an EOS wallet? Well you need an active EOS account to create a new one, so that means you need to work with a friend that already has one. All of the lessons in this course will show you how to create a new account using an existing account.

What if you want to do it by yourself? Is there a way you can just pay for the RAM and have someone set it up for you? Yes. The service we use is called ZEOS. It’s pretty simple, just as described, you choose your account name and then pay for them to create a wallet for you. Here’s their address:

We’ve heard positive reports from people creating a wallet this way, so we recommend it. Continue with the course if you’d like to learn a few more ways to create a new account.

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