BitShares (bit stock)

这怎么能忍,于是BM开始着手创建自己的区块链项目,这就是2013年发布的 BitShares(比特股),它在DPOS共识算法的加持下实现出块速度超越比特币;但BM想做的事还不仅如此,创建一个非组织非暴力的自由世界、保证生命和财产自由才是他的终极任务。

How can this be tolerated? so BM began to create its own blockchain project, which is the BitShares (bit stock) released in 2013, which achieves the block speed beyond Bitcoin under the blessing of the DPOS consensus algorithm; but what BM wants to do are far beyond that, and creating a non-organized, non-violent free world and guaranteeing freedom of life and property are his ultimate missions.



So Steem was born. It was a blockchain database that supported community building and social interaction through cryptocurrency rewards. But because of its narrow focus on functionality, BM eventually left, and he decided to create a new system on his own. This new system is EOS.

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