Adding keys

As detailed in the [Accounts](../accounts/] section, each account has two permissions the owner and the active permission.

So in most cases you’ll want to create two keys so that you can associate one key with each permission (more on this later).

The “create key” command below just prints a key pair to screen. It’s not stored, so you’ll need to import these keys into a wallet.

$cleos create key
Private key: 5JKrSzsuztAPvTzghi9VU4522sT49SeE3XVHbB8HsfC3ikifJRf
Public key: EOS7EzCEh94uN2k59wznzsZDcFVnpZ3wuiYvPSbb8bXDS6U7twKQF

$cleos create key
Private key: 5KgcXVKU7Lfs2iFpAP1Aqiz3SEZcmbLuh6y9Lvsi4bYcFwDUVBQ
Public key: EOS5tJQSKKeiTUZEutPo9SWUoCeovV43kWxGuW21K663frcHw7GnN

Now let’s import the keys into our wallet.

$cleos --wallet-url http://wallet:5555 wallet import 5JKrSzsuztAPvTzghi9VU4522sT49SeE3XVHbB8HsfC3ikifJRf
imported private key for: EOS7EzCEh94uN2k59wznzsZDcFVnpZ3wuiYvPSbb8bXDS6U7twKQF

$cleos --wallet-url http://wallet:5555 wallet import 5KgcXVKU7Lfs2iFpAP1Aqiz3SEZcmbLuh6y9Lvsi4bYcFwDUVBQ
imported private key for: EOS5tJQSKKeiTUZEutPo9SWUoCeovV43kWxGuW21K663frcHw7GnN

If we look at our wallet now, we can see 3 public keys. The single master key that was added when we created the wallet and the two keys that we just imported.

./cleos --wallet-url http://wallet:5555 wallet keys

We can query for the key pairs as well, this request will ask for the wallet password.

./cleos --wallet-url http://wallet:5555 wallet private_keys

As we stated above, it’s important to keep track of which key your planning on using for what purpose. When you store your keys, clearly label the keys as per the example below

By labeling our new keys as follows, you’ll be a lot less likely to get the keys mixed up as you develop.

    eosio Public Key: "EOS5tJQSKKeiTUZEutPo9SWUoCeovV43kWxGuW21K663frcHw7GnN",
    eosio Private Key: "5KgcXVKU7Lfs2iFpAP1Aqiz3SEZcmbLuh6y9Lvsi4bYcFwDUVBQ"

    MyNewAccount owner Public Key: "EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV",
    MyNewAccount owner Private Key: "5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3"

    MyNewAccount active Public Key: "EOS7EzCEh94uN2k59wznzsZDcFVnpZ3wuiYvPSbb8bXDS6U7twKQF",
    MyNewAccount active Private Key: "5JKrSzsuztAPvTzghi9VU4522sT49SeE3XVHbB8HsfC3ikifJRf"
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