A New Revolution

Written by Katie Roman – EOS Go.
This article is in response to the amazing VICE documentary The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy , and how the EOS blockchain could help facilitate this impending transition.
A special thank you to Jon-Eric Cook for bringing this video to my attention.
“… We’ve got one generation, yours, to lay down this new consciousness…Your responsibility, to carry this on, is a weight no generation has known in history. I don’t know of any period in history where one generation was called upon to save the species…”

That’s the challenge put forth by theorist Jeremy Rifkin in Vice’s new full-length documentary, The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy. In the film Rifkin lectures for nearly two hours on the environmental, societal, and economic ramifications of our current culture, and how we can pivot to a more sustainable and fulfilling future. To make his point he discusses current global weather trends, touches on history, and walks the viewer through economics and philosophy. The roadmap he lays out requires what some would deem radical change in the fundamentals of our current iteration of civilization. Infrastructure would have to be built, organizations would have to be reinvented, and an economics would have to be reimagined. During this all encompassing call to action he mentioned blockchain technology … twice.

His references to the blockchain were quick, and the casualness in which he referenced it seemed to imply a sort of familiarity with the concept, although he did not go into specifics. He spent most of the lecture educating the audience about the twenty year long global decline in productivity and the very real ramifications of climate change. But the nod to the nascent technology is there; he knows we will use it, the question is how we will use it.

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