A New Conscioussness

If we want blockchain technology to serve as the basis of this revolution, we will need to use the best blockchain technology that is available to us. EOS is being built with three goals in mind; ease of use (developers will be able to easily code Dapps in the environment), superior performance (will be able to process 100,000s or more of transactions per second), and governance (the nature of DPoS requires open communication and consensus between users, developers, and block producers).

The flexibility of the software means that it has vast use cases, all without fear of consolidation of power, because the blockchain distributes power more widely than any other system currently at our disposal. The EOS team knows this, and that is why they are building the system with a philosophical bent; technological prowess means nothing if power is consolidated. The EOS team And that belief is what is at the heart of the TIR, the necessity for our society to elevate from our current system of oligarchy to a world-wide social economy.

What both Rifkin and EOS are proposing is a fundamental shift in human consciousness. We are on the precipice of destruction or greatness. We need to act now. Luckily, the collective conscious seems to be shifting; our generation is reinventing the world. I believe we are entering the Third Industrial Revolution, and EOS is going to be the base on which we build upon.

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