The Governed Blockchain

The Governed Blockchain


Study Guide:
To complete your Governance Certificate, enroll in this course and score 80% or better on every quiz. Make sure to go back and review when you are about to take a quiz. There are section quizzes only, so you only need to study what you’ve just learned. You can take the quiz three times. If you fail the first attempt, go back and review the section before you try the quiz again. We think the Governance Certificate is a great way to show you deeply understand the first principles of Governance on the blockchain. When you earn your certificate, print it and save it as a pdf to share with potential employers.

What is a governed blockchain and how would it allow new businesses to use the technology? If you’re a part of the EOS universe, you’ve no doubt heard a lot about governance. With this course you can explore the concept from first principles, guided by some of the originators of the concept.

Ian Grigg, the inventor of Ricardian contracts and the Chief Scientist of Mattereum is the author of the course and Moti Tabulo of ECAF is the instructor.

Take this course to achieve a deep understanding of governance, and the potential it holds for advancing blockchain technology.

*Only a small part of this course is in Klingon.

Course Instructor

Moti Tabulo Moti Tabulo Instructor



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