EOS Inspiration

EOS Inspiration

Legendary EOS community builder @katie shares the foundation of her EOS Inspiration. These were some of the first essays that got us interested in EOS and they were written months before the launch. Katie’s visionary insight and profound social critique will give you a deeper understanding of the future of blockchain technology and EOS in particular.

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  1. Great referencing of the Rifkin Lecture. Shared it with Grandma 🙂 Feedback: ‘She liked the Cartoon about explaining EOS’ 😀

    1. Thanks Greg! Awesome that your grandma liked it!

  2. Thanks

    1. Thanks for being a student Vadim!

  3. Very interesting course! It was nice to go back, and see some earlier articles about EOS.

  4. i am excited the vision of EOS is revolutionary and the hope is not utopic

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