EOS Application Development

EOS Application Development


Learning Goals

  1. Understand the tools and ecosystem. The big picture
  2. Understand your option to getting the Software (Docker Suggested).
  3. Understand wallet basics.
  4. Understand accounts.
  5. Compile your 1st contract. Hello World
  6. Creating a token and transferring between accounts Token Contract

Your experience should be something like this

  1. Create wallet
  2. Create keys (owner and active)
  3. Add keys to wallet
  4. Create Account and indicate which keys can access it.
  5. Create and compile your 1st contract
  6. Upload your 1st contract to an account
  7. Push an action to that contract and see it work
  8. Play with some more advanced contract options
  9. Understand how to interact with the blockchain from a web page
  10. Understand how data storage works

Course Information

Course Instructor

Kevin - EOS New York Kevin - EOS New York Instructor

Kevin Rose leads community efforts at EOS New York, a top 21 Block Producer on the EOS blockchain, helping build the EOS community and ensuring that the values and goals of EOS New York and the community are aligned. He has lead nation-wide marketing campaigns at major auto manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, & MINI Cooper and co-founded a digital product design firm. Delivering transparency and tangible value to the communities that he helps to build is at the core of everything he does. He is a passionate blockchain enthusiast and evangelist and helped launch the EOS blockchain in June of 2018.



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