EOS Accounts: How they Work and How to Get One

EOS Accounts: How they Work and How to Get One

Study Guide:
To complete your Blockgenic Certificate, enroll in the Blockgenic technical sequence and score 80% or better on every quiz. Make sure to go back and review when you are about to take a quiz. You can take each quiz three times. If you fail the first attempt, go back and review the section before you try the quiz again. We think the Blockgenic Technical Certificate is a great way to show you deeply understand the account management and permissions on the EOS blockchain. When you earn your certificate, print it and save it as a pdf to share with potential employers.

What is an EOS Acount?

How can I create a new one?

How do I manage my EOS Account?

Blockgenic’s Yannick Slenter takes you through everything you need to know!

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