Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Basics

This course introduces the basics of the blockchain technology. You’ll get a working definition of blockchain and you’ll also learn how it operates. You’ll get an insight into the innovations of the EOS network. You will also have a chance to contribute your personal take on things as you go.

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Course Instructors

Jessica Hammerman Jessica Hammerman Author
Isaac Isaac Author



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  1. Nice course, nice to iron out some of the basics and get familiar with some of the terms

    1. Thanks Robert! It’s awesome to have you here!

    2. thank

  2. Well presented!

  3. nice course

  4. Great START! Recommendations pls keep most short videos <10 minutes!

    1. agreed! we’re shooting for 3 minutes.

  5. I’m not a developer but I need to understand the EOS blockchain to develop solutions whit a team

    1. well we really hope our developer track comes in handy Javier!

  6. good course

  7. Thanks, Kay!

  8. Great simple course on block chains.

  9. Suggest adding discussion and quiz about sister chains (Telos, Worbli, eosForce, etc) as it relates to EOS Mainnet taxonomy.

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