Blockchain 101 by EOS Union- 什么是区块链?

Blockchain 101 by EOS Union- 什么是区块链?

The EOS Union (EOSUnion) is one of the earliest evangelists in the EOS global community and the first publicly-elected BP in Greater China (eosunion1111). Since the launch of the project on March 2, 2018, the EOS Union has held dozens of Meetups in various cities in China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. It explains the EOS concept, promotes EOS knowledge, and reaches community members around the world. The EOS Union has developed its EOS eco and community through various forms online and offline, contributing to the rapid development of EOS globalization. On April 7, 2018, we announced the angel round investment of the famous angel investor Xue Manzi. In order to enrich the EOS eco, let more people know about EOS, and incubate more DAPPs on EOS, the EOS Union held the EOSUnion Cup Business Creativity Competition in May this year, allowing EOS enthusiasts and developers to showcase their products or Business philosophy; and held the “EOS Global Ecology Summit – DAPP Prosperity Road” in Shenzhen on July 29.



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Range Tsai— Author

Xiao Xiao Tang— Translator

Baozhen Lee— Proofreader



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Course Instructors

Range Tsai Range Tsai Author
Xiao Xioa Tang Xiao Xioa Tang Translator



什么是区块链?What is Blockchain

区块链的基本组成 — Basic Composition of Blockchain 

第一层神秘面纱:区块链是一个去中心化的数据库(系统) The first layer of mystery:Blockchain is a decentralized database (system)

第二层神秘面纱:区块链采用共识机制来对新增数据达成共识 The second layer of mystery:Blockchain uses consensus system to reach consensus on new data

第三层神秘面纱:区块链采用密码学的方法来保证已有数据不可能被篡改The third layer of mystery:Blockchain uses cryptography to ensure that existing data cannot be tampered with

最后我们来总结下今天的内容:Finally, let’s summarize what we learned today:

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