HTTPS: Basic Web Security for Crypto

HTTPS: Basic Web Security for Crypto

HTTPS is a basic and powerful protocol which adds an extra layer of protection to everything you do. It’s important for everyone involved in EOS, from block producers to users. Gain a deeper understanding of HTTPS and learn some simple steps to greater implementation in everything you do on a computer.

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Sam Noble Sam Noble Author
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  1. I AM HERE

  2. In the section titled “Blockchain and HTTPS” there is a typo/word duplication.

    The most important fact that counters #1 and #2 is this: your postcard will be handed between a number of people, all of whom have the ability to read and modify the content of the message before it reaches you. Modify, change, edit. Let’s say that you send a postcard to your friend, asking them to send a payment to your bank account account ‘123456’.

    The word “account” is written/typed twice right before the “123456”.

    1. Thanks! all fixed.

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